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Preparing for Your First Podcast Interview


You might find yourself being asked to be a guest on a podcast in the near future. This should be a fun experience and not one you stress out over!  If you’ve never been interviewed before, much less for something like a podcast, your first instinct might be to say no to the guest invitation. It's human nature to react in such a way  - the fear of the unknown. In this case, don’t let fear stop you! Most podcasters, especially those of whom are veterans in the industry, will go to great lengths to make you feel comfortable and relaxed during the interview. Of course,  you may feel more prepared and self-secure during your first podcast interview, by following these guidelines:

  • Request from your you host an outline or a list of questions that will be asked during the interview. Then, take some time prior to the recording to prepare. Don’t over-rehearse answers, however. Use the outline and questions they provide to help guide you - be sure to have it nearby during the call to help remind you of some key points you wanted to share.

  • When setting up an interview with a guest, I typically refer to it as a chat or conversation. This is exactly what it should be - a conversation between two (or more) people. No matter what your host refers to it as (an interview, a call or a recording) always remind yourself the podcast is simply a chat between friends. While you may not know the host personally, if you go into the call as if you were talking to a long lost friend, you’ll feel much more comfortable!

  • One final tip – don’t be afraid to tell your host you’re nervous about the recording or that this is your first podcast interview. More often than not, when they realize this, they’ll understand your nerves and do what they can to put your mind at ease. Also, as long as the podcast is not live - the host can edit out any brain freezes you might experience during the chat. Believe me, it happens (even to hosts) and is easily fixed in the post-production editing process. It is amazing how relaxed my guests become when I tell them how magical editing can truly be. If you are unsure of how edits are handled, ask your host. They'll be able to tell you. Overall - if you communicate to your host your questions or concerns, they'll answer them and make you feel good about the process.

In a future post, I’ll dive into some tips and advice for being a gracious host to your podcast guests.

Good luck. I know you will do great! Questions or comments about this post? Leave them in the comments below

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