Podcasting and Your Brand

A brand may refer to your business or a product. More often, when it comes to podcasting, you are the brand.

Creating a podcast for your business or for self-branding is a great way to market your services, products or a topic that is super important to you. More importantly it establishes you as the go-to person for your chosen topic– much like article writing and blogging. With the growth in sales of smartphones, media technology and other mobile devices, creating a podcast for your business is a great marketing tool, now more than ever.

Here are three reasons why creating a podcast is good for your brand:

Reason 1: It’s an opportunity to talk to your “peeps”. Podcasting is a perfect way to get in front of a specific audience (your target market) and talk about a specific topic you are passionate about.

Reason 2: Podcasting is the gift that keeps on giving. Really it is. Once you produce a podcast and place it on the World Wide Web for others to hear, it is there forever (or at least until you decide to take it offline). A podcast episode you aired in 2013, although old news to you, at some point, will be new to someone else.

Reason 3: It makes marketing fun!  Some folks look at marketing as a long drawn out task they have to do in order to market their business, product or passion. If you like to talk, share your expertise and experiences — then podcasting is a fun marketing tool to use. When it is fun, it doesn’t feel like work… now does it?

Bottom Line: Podcasting is a way for you to provide quality content to your target market. It should be content they value, which will ultimately lead to them liking, knowing and trusting you. It helps build your brand, it helps your target audience to connect with YOU.

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